James & Brianna

January 20, 2017

Photography isn't just about taking pictures and getting the family to smile; It's also about that moment!  If you can catch just one moment then you've changed a client forever. As a mom and a wife I always find myself lost in the memories. Almost like I wasn't there. Now add being the photographer to the mix, that equals to never ever being in the pictures. LOL! Which is why I feel like photography is one of the most important things in our lives. Documenting the moments makes us immortal. Generations after Generations will see these moments and live a day in our shoes.


Monday I had the pleasure of doing my First Engagement session of the year! Also my first wedding I've booked in two years. After taking those few years off to have my son I never thought I would return to wedding photography.  After some struggles and loosing my camera to the Yellow River, I decided to do them again to pay off some debt. You guys... That was honesty! After this session I realized how much I loved the connection with newly engaged couples and the excitement the bride to be has in her eyes.  In a world where I thought I wouldn't go again, I've been swept up off my feet just the same as this beautiful lady here.   James you know you had a blast with me!!! You can't hate taking pictures when I'm around. 


For engagements I really want to set out to capture that spark! That giggly feeling she gets when he twirls her around and she stumbles a little.  The best part is that he never let her fall.  Even when he was feeling awkward about dancing in the middle of the street and he too loosing his balance, he always had her back. He made sure she still looked graceful and kept smiling for her.  It was beautiful to see!


From what I hear Brianna met James when she was 12, he was 14.  They met at the Celtic Tavern on a night of Karaoke.   Her with her friend and he with his, that night was as awkward as dancing in the street. For two little pre-teens, dating had just begun. Throughout the years of dating and splitting and college they found their way back to one another. Bringing a new Luti into the world who goes by the name of "Brewer", they started a family and a home.  Soon to be wed 9/30/17.


Here is a Sneak Peak of their Engagement session! Hope you guys enjoy! 




















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