Kicking off the Underwater Season 2021

Hello!!! It is here! Underwater Season has officially kicked in for me here in GA. Yes, it's still cold and Yes I have a heated indoor pool. Let me just start off by saying I am so glad this girl came to the model call I held a few weeks ago. She brought a dream gown that I had in my cart for weeks but just couldn't pull the trigger. With that being said "Dream gown", that also can be said "Mean Gown". Man, that thing was so hard to work with underwater. People just don't realize and sometimes I can underestimate the element but MAN.... IT WAS killing us. Two things I was grateful for that day... The Heated room and the fact that the pool was a shallow lap pool. The heated room really helps when you are in for long hours. You don't have to worry so much about keeping your head warm in the cool temps of Feb. The Shallow depths kept it completely safe for the Mama to be.

This part of the session was the "Dream Dress" That I will be blogging about. Sneak peek above! She was a beauty, a Pain, a real Peach. You can find this gown on Amazon. I think it's an amazing gown to add to your Client Closet and I will absolutely place my order in a different color now that I've seen it in person. I will also be altering it to handle the water a bit better. STAY TUNED for that! (Well fingers Crossed).

Because of the flesh peachy color, I decided to edit these completely different than my other Blu room Portfolio. I've honestly been feeling a little filmy and airy lately. I don't know what's going on and I hope my fans appreciate the changes I'm bringing in the next few months. While I know the world is trending in Oranges and Yellows, I am feeling that too, I may be moving into a completely different mood these days. If you know me, I change my mind 33 times a day. It's just my way!

So, I invite to witness these upcoming changes and see enjoy these images and the art I share and be inspired or become a client if you've been on the fence. I would absolutely love to have some new faces and meet new folks. If you would like to help me grow my portfolio, I hope you share my blog and my work with someone you feel could use some inspiration. I am not a person of many words so the blog will mostly be Pictures. SHARE> LIKE< COMMENT > PIN!!!!

Thank you for dropping by!


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