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Jessica Bailey

Hey there!

Welcome to this simple about me page. Instead of me giving you every little detail about my life I'll keep it short and simple. If you choose me as your photographer you will get to know all these traits listed below. 

1.  I am a follower of Christ. I was baptized in His name 9-9-20, in a pool outside with some close friends and my mother in law. It was an incredible experience. I am not a perfect person. I make my share of mistakes, that's why I need Jesus. I am happy to tell you about him and my story if you want to learn.

2.  I am a Wife and Mother.  My Husband has been the partner I've needed and a blessing from God.  I wish he would join me but Photography just isn't his thing. I am a proud LEO (Law Enforcement Officer) Wife.  The struggle is real sometimes in small talk about how our days went. Watching him put on that uniform and knowing it's a mean to protect his life is challenging but the world needs these men. He is the watchdog to the good shepherd. He is also the father of my amazing miracle child. After struggling with infertility and child loss for many years, Trey decided he was the lucky one. The strong one. The strong willed one! This child grows and grows. He has a heart of gold being an Empath, but a soul of a fierce warrior. I can't wait to see who he becomes one day. 

3.  I am not just a photographer in my craft.  I label myself an artist. I dabble in many genres of photography but my favorite is Fine Art and underwater. It's where I have complete freedom to create. I do have a instagram dedicated to that part of my portfolio. You should check that out.  

4.  I am an award winning Portrait photographer Placing TOP 100 in the World. I was voted Best color and Best Child Portraits by Inspire Magazine. I've been Published internationally with features in Vogue and Whim magazines. My work has been seen in many underwater magazines, as well as a few book covers. 

5.  You will become a part of my tribe after this! I will take you in and we will become friends. I have so much to offer my clients. I love to make them feel glamorous and help attend to the details in planning. I will pose you nose to toes and I will guide you into romantic candid moments. 


Photo Cred - Sarah Jordan Photography

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